Fair trade banana toy £7.00 each

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The Little Fair Trade Shop is proud and pleased to support Under The Nile and SEKEM.

This beautiful non perishable banana toy is produced by a co-operative of ladies in Egypt.

Made of 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton.

Size 10”

Washing instructions: Machine wash only. Tumble dry until toy is completely dry. Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry.

Tip* Place a bath towel in the dryer with the toy to dry faster.

About Under The Nile and SEKEM

Under the Nile works with Egyptian organisation SEKEM and 13 villages located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.

Under All of SEKEM’s farms and processing facilities are Fair trade certified according to Fair trade International (FLO).

Fair trade premiums are distributed and used in the cotton farms and many different projects, based on the needs of the community.

Past projects have included literacy programs, building bathroom facilities, creating first aid kits, water cooling machines, and erecting a mobile antenna so that people could use cell phones.

The premiums have also been used in the purchase of livestock, eggs and milk.

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Did you know that the banana is the most popular fruit in the world ? People spend over £10 billion a year on the fruit globally.

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WATCH: This short film documents two Fair trade certified producer organisations, BANELINO and ASOBANU in the Dominican Republic.



Photographs courtesy of Under The Nile and SEKEM

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Fair trade banana toy


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